Are you suffering from whiplash after an accident? If so, then help is at hand from the team here at Ashmans Solicitors if you are based locally to Yorkshire. Regardless of whether you are suffering from minor whiplash through to a whiplash injury that is stopping you from living your life to the standard that you were before the accident, our expert team will be able to assist you. Although we can’t remove the physical pain and discomfort, we can help ensure that and financial loss is covered along with any money owed due to experiencing and accident that wasn’t caused by your own fault.

Once we have a full understanding of how the accident was caused and the degree of whiplash you are suffering, we will be able to help advise on the next steps forwards to claiming compensation. If you would like more information on how we can help you if you are suffering from whiplash after an accident, please call 0333 009 6275. We will be more than happy to you assist you further. You can also read our previous article: Personal Injury, which we hope you find useful.


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A Guide To Whiplash Compensation Claim Amounts

We can help you recover thousands of pounds of compensation that you are legally entitled to if you’ve suffered whiplash in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Bott and Co are trusted and regulated solicitors successfully recovering millions of pounds for over 40,000 injured victims for more than a decade, winning a staggering 99% of all our cases.

We have a specialist team of solicitors dealing almost exclusively with whiplash compensation and similar injuries.

In addition our LVI (low velocity impact) team handle claims where genuine injuries have been caused by low speed collisions where insurance usually fight claims against them as a matter of course often with unfounded allegations of fraud.

We’ve put together a simple, easy to read guide to help you understand in simple terms what you may be entitled to should you suffer from a whiplash injury.

What Is A Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the precise circumstances in which the injury occurred. Most common whiplash symptoms include headaches, neck pain, opera or lower back pain, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and even pain or discomfort in the arms and legs.

Mr P received an offer of £3,300 from the insurers for his whiplash injury, but Bott and Co were able to secure over £5000, a 51% increase.

The symptoms can come on very quickly or they may take a few days to develop following an accident.

What Compensation Can I Claim For?

Whiplash compensation amounts are broken down into two areas. General damages are calculated based on the seriousness of the injury and the effect it may have on your life. Special damages cover your out of pocket expenses. The total of both of these amounts makes up your total compensation amount.

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General damage amounts are determined by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB) guidelines. Special damages amounts are made up of out of pocket expenses such as;

  • Travel expenses.
  • Hospital visits and parking.
  • Loss of earnings or bonus.
  • Cost of any treatment for prescriptions.
  • Additional household costs.
  • Help or care while you are recovering

There may also be other costs you incurred as a result of your whiplash injury that we can recover from the other side.

Because of the wide range of compensation for whiplash injuries depending on the severity, and for the additional costs involved, it is our job to negotiate with the insurers on your behalf to get the best offer of settlement.

Average Claim Amount For Whiplash

Most whiplash injuries where there is mild discomfort or headaches, can last just a few days or weeks. These cases can settle on average for between £1,000 to £2,750 while severe whiplash with on-going symptoms and damage to the spine can entitle you to as much as £97,500.

For more serious injuries the amounts are considerably higher. In 2010 Mr. P was offered £3,300 by the insurers for whiplash related injuries. However with our highly skilled solicitors on the case we won £5,000 to cover the injuries and ongoing support for Mr. P

Should I Claim For Whiplash?

We all pay car insurance to cover the times that we need financial help for injuries and other out of pocket costs incurred as a result of an accident on the road. You shouldn’t feel bad or awkward about claiming what the law says is rightfully yours, despite what insurers and the media want you to believe.

Nor should you be reluctant to use an experienced law firm such as Bott and Co to handle your claim. Insurance companies regularly try and ‘under settle’ claims against them. This means they will offer you less money than your injury may have been independently valued at (see table below) or they will try and settle before your injuries have healed.

The Claims Process

If you think you have whiplash or related injuries after being in a car accident even if it’s a mild whiplash, the law says you are entitled to financial compensation because of the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Contact us today to start the claim process with one of our lawyers and we will assess your claim and give you an indication of what amount of compensation you can expect to receive.

As a top 500 law firm and one of the very best personal injury specialists in the UK, we make the claims process easy for you. We are bound by strict regulation through the SRA unlike claims management companies, and you benefit from full solicitor-client confidentiality. We don’t pass your details on to any other company and our only concern is to make sure you receive the best offer from the other side.

You will deal with one lawyer throughout your claim and they will present your claim to the third party insurers after spending time with you going through the details of the accident, injury suffered, and costs you’ve incurred.

They will assess the relevant medical records and seek expert medical advice and your particular injuries. If necessary they will prepare and issue court proceedings on your behalf and we will instruct barristers to represent your case in court. It is unlikely that the case will get that far as most settle out of court but we have the very best resources available if needed to fight your case all the way.

Throughout this process you have no financial risk as we cover all upfront costs and if the case does go to court we recover the costs from the other party. We win 99% of all our cases but in the small chance we were unsuccessful, our no-win no-fee guarantee protects you from any costs.

We help people like you every day get back on the road to recovery after suffering whiplash injuries. Whether it’s a mild whiplash or something that takes years to heal our experts solicitors know how to value your claim to get the best offer from the insurers and we make sure our claims process is quick, so you can be paid in as little as a couple of months.