The police budget is set to increase by 7% – the equivalent of £1.1 billion. This takes the total police funding for the financial year 2022/2023 to £16.9 billion.

Police Budget Increase

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Where will the money be spent?

The extra money will go towards the government’s Beating Crime Plan, which contains “bold new measures to drive down crime”. So far, the plan has reportedly resulted in a 14% fall in overall crime. More than 11,000 additional police officers have been recruited, 16,000 knives removed from the streets, and 1,500 county lines closed down.

The government wants to continue this trend by boosting police funding. In 2022, the aim is to:

  • Employ more officers to tackle serious organised crime
  • Create a National Crime Laboratory to drive the use of innovative data science to prevent and reduce crime
  • Test ways to investigate rape cases
  • Ensure that victims of rape and serious sexual crimes are not left without a mobile phone for more than 34 hours
  • Increase the monitoring of responsiveness to 101 and 999 calls
  • Invest in law enforcement intelligence and investigations to tackle economic crime
  • Improve gathering intelligence relating to firearms
  • Invest in tackling fraud
  • Invest in major law enforcement programmes and IT capabilities

Funding to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will also increase by an additional £796 million.

Crack down on crime

The increase in police funding is all part of the government’s commitment to driving down crime. The Beating Crime Plan was published in July 2021 and sets out the government’s strategic approach to cutting crime. It includes measures such as:

  • Making sure everyone has digital access to the police via an online platform
  • Improving the response from 101 and 999 calls
  • Keeping young people away from violence
  • Increasing electric monitoring of serious acquisitive offenders
  • Alcohol tags for those who serve a prison sentence for an alcohol-fuelled offence (Wales only)
  • Encouraging employment for prison leavers
  • Making it easier for the police to conduct searches
  • Expanding the role of PCCs

The Beating Crime Plan

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