Criminal defence barristers across England and Wales are set to begin strike action again on 5th September 2022, intending to continue indefinitely.

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Why are barristers striking?

We previously reported in July 2022 that barristers have been staging ongoing strikes regarding pay.

The Criminal Bar Assocation (CBA) says incomes have fallen nearly 30% over the past 20 years. Junior criminal barristers earn an average annual income of £12,200 during their first three years of practice. This has caused an exodus of new talent from the bar, driving 22% of junior criminal barristers to leave since 2016. Even experienced barristers claim they get paid less than minimum wage for court hearings once travel and preparation time is factored in.

The Ministry of Justice has offered a 15% uplift in fees, but the CBA says this is insufficient, particularly considering the backlog of 58,000 cases in Crown Courts.

When will the barristers’ strike end?

Barristers have been staging strikes since June 2022. They say the walkout will continue until the government presents an acceptable deal to the Criminal Bar Assocation.

How will the barristers’ strike affect our clients?

Barristers are to begin strike action once again on 5th September 2022. Many barristers have stopped taking defence work in preparation of the walkout. Unfortunately, this means court hearings will be delayed. Some of our clients can also expect to spend longer on remand while they await the outcome of their case.

We understand that this frustrating, but we will do everything in our power to minimise the disruption to our clients. Where appropriate, we will make further bail applications and argue against any extension to custody time limits. We will continue to update our clients as the barristers’ strike action develops.

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