Women are from Venus and men are from Mars when it comes to driving offences.

The ‘Fatal Four’ police enforcement areas – drink, speed, seatbelts, and mobile phone use see ELEVEN times more men breaking the law when compared to women.

Recent stats from Brake, the road safety charity, show that men are the big offenders when it comes to car offences. Just take a look at the numbers;

  • In Britain, men account for 74% of road traffic deaths
  • Men also account for 69% of serious injuries and 57% of slight injuries on the roads
  • Three times more men than women admit driving under the influence of drug

The chances of a motoring conviction.

Does this mean women are better drivers?

The short answer is YES. Whilst there are fewer women behind the wheel, 64% women v 76% men – women are generally convicted less often.

Some of the differences might be because men and women drive different types of vehicles. A faster car can lead to more police attention and also to a potential to speed. Men also take longer trips on average than women. The longer the journey, the more chance of committing an offence.

Not surprisingly, we defend more men than women across England and Wales.

Have you been caught speeding?

Driving using a mobile?

Drink or drug driving?

Whether you need a solicitor to defend you depends on what driving offence you get caught for. What happens if you fail to provide a specimen.

A straightforward speeding ticket is usually dealt with by a fine and penalty points.

But if you are facing a court summons, have been caught speeding over the limit, or you have six points on your license or more, you should get a specialist motor offence solicitor on board

Facing a Driving Ban?

The problem with motoring offences is that there are large fines and potential driving bans to consider. These will seriously affect your life and livelihood.

Ashmans Solicitors successfully defend clients using both technical and mitigating circumstances defence strategies.

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