All food retailers must now display a full list of ingredients and allergens on every food item made on the premises and packaged for direct sale. The regulation change comes after years of campaigning by the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who died in 2016 after eating a baguette that contained sesame seeds.

Regulation In Food Retail

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Food labelling – the old rules

Natasha was aware that she was allergic to sesame seeds. However, the baguette she purchased from Pret a Manger did not list sesame seeds on the packaging. Sadly, she suffered a fatal allergic reaction.

At the time, Pret had not broken the law. Previously, food that was made and packaged on the premises did not need to have an individual label listing the ingredients and any allergies. The rules for food to-go outlets therefore differed to products pre-packed for direct sale (such as supermarket products) which required allergen labelling.

Natasha’s parents campaigned for a change in the law, citing the looping in the food labelling legislation. They set up the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation and launched a parliamentary petition calling for an “allergy tsar”.

Natasha’s law

Now, the regulations have changed. As of 1 October 2021, all food retailers must display a full list of ingredients and allergen labelling on every food item made on the premises and packaged for direct sale. The regulation has been dubbed ‘Natasha’s law’.

New Food Regulations

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