There are occasions when prosecutions are considered ‘unsafe’ thanks to the advancement of medical practices. If you think this might be relevant to your case, you need to speak to a specialist criminal defence solicitor.

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Unsafe prosecutions

There are all kinds of reasons why a prosecution might be considered unsafe, including inaccurate medical evidence. This is particularly true when medical advancements cast doubt over old ways of thinking, raising concerns over the validity of a conviction.

In other words: if medical evidence was used to secure a guilty verdict – but that medical evidence is no longer reliable – then surely the conviction cannot stand up?

This is precisely what happened in the cases of S and Others, in which four unrelated child sex abuse convictions were referred to the Court of Appeal in 2012. Three of the convictions were quashed, on the basis that the medical evidence was incorrect.

In one case (and also possibly in the other two cases), the court found the medical evidence to be inadequate, even by the standards of the time. Following the original convictions, further research was carried out into the signs of injury and other non-natural interferences amongst children. This new medical evidence is now accepted as correct and is the standard against which old convictions will be judged.

Is further scrutiny needed in your case?

Even if you have already been found guilty, your case could be worthy of further scrutiny. If the medical evidence that was used to convict you is now deemed unreliable, then there could be grounds for a review. This could see that your conviction is set aside.

Criminal defence solicitors London

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