We get calls every day from people who claim they are innocent.

Human beings being questioned by the police. Allegations they have done something criminal. Facing years and even decades in prison…

As soon as we get the call, we don’t stop until we win. Our oath at Ashmans is to “Leave No Stone Unturned.”

The Innocence Files…

In that respect, we’re pretty much like the lawyers in the Netflix docuseries, The Innocence Files. You might think “only in America” could someone go to prison for decades based on “thin” evidence. Not so.

We’re stopping people being locked up for murder, drugs and fraud. We’re helping people who are facing years or months in prison. We’re appealing unjust sentences.

You can read about some of Ashman’s own Innocence Files in our notable cases section.

The ends do not justify the means.

In dozens of cases every year we discover just how “thin” the “evidence” is that’s being used to try and convict. In fact, it’s so thin that any good criminal solicitor would have the defendant’s case dropped.

Sadly, many people don’t get a good criminal solicitor. They get what they’re given. They end up being sent to prison even when innocent. Or getting sentences they just do not deserve.

Whether it’s police forensics, eyewitness testimony or prosecution procedure… the ends never justify the means. We don’t believe that justice is about maximizing sentences. Getting convictions. Putting people behind bars.

We believe the law is about what serves society best.

When you want to feature in The Ashmans Innocence Files… please call us 0333 00 6275 – we can guarantee the best criminal defence is yours.

(Before you get distracted we recommend you put this 24/7 telephone number 0333 00 6275 in your mobile phone contacts under Solicitors – you never know when you may need us)

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