The law regarding the towing of caravans and trailers was set to change in England and Wales on 15 November 2021. However, the changes will now be implemented later than planned.

Towing and The Law  – England and Wales

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Driving licences and towing

Anyone who got their licence before January 1997 automatically has a B+E category on their licence. This allows you to tow a trailer or caravan that is heavier than 750kg using a tow vehicle weighing up to 3,500kg.

At the time of writing, anyone who got their licence after January 1997 must take a special test to get a B+E category added to their licence. This includes a practical test, closed course skills and a practical demonstration.

However, this requirement is set to be removed, meaning you will no longer have to take a test if you obtained your licence after 1997. The BE categories will automatically be added to relevant licences, and there will be no need for individual licence holders to contact the DVLA.

New law is delayed

The new law was supposed to be implemented on 15 November 2021, but the regulations were not approved in time. Now the regulations will be subject to an urgency procedure, although it remains unclear when the law will actually change.

The law in the meantime

While the new law is going through the necessary legislative channels, all road users must adhere to the old (or rather, existing) laws. This means that if you are caught towing a trailer or caravan and you do not have the BE categories on your licence, you could be charged with a motoring offence. This seems unfair, seeing as the law is soon to change (and indeed, should have been amended already). However, it is important that you comply with the law as it stands. Otherwise, you risk a fine and having six penalty points imposed on your licence.

Driving Law Changes – England and Wales

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