Digital piracy

Illegal downloading and digital piracy

Ashmans Solicitors’ specialist digital piracy solicitors represent UK suspects and defendants accused of illegal downloading, illegal file sharing, softlifting, copyright infringement, and related offences

To download, duplicate, distribute or sell copyrighted materials that belong to others, including software, films, and music, is illegal.

Every time a person or a company creates a piece of software, a film, a television program, or music, copyright and ownership automatically belongs to that person or the company that the person has a contract with (like a movie studio, record firm, software house, and so on).

It’s not just finished products either. It includes earlier or incomplete versions of the finished product. Even when a project has been abandoned and what they have produced will remain unreleased, the creator or the company a creator works for still has ownership and copyright over it.

If you download, allow to be uploaded, or distribute (whether you charge for it or not) work which is owned and copyrighted by someone other than you, you may be charged with multiple offences under various different laws.

If the Police have approached you about your alleged involvement in any kind of digital piracy or copyright infringement, please call specialist computer hacking solicitors, Ashmans Solicitors, on 03330096275 (or our emergency 24hr number 03330096275).

Illegal downloading and online piracy examples

Recent cases of online piracy, illegal downloading, and copyright infringement include:

• Tyneside internet pirate who made thousands of songs available free to his internet website visitors (thirty-two months’ imprisonment)
• Liverpool man illegally distributing top 40 chart singles online (twelve months’ imprisonment)
• Three men who allegedly made £500,000 from pirate movies, games, and books (twenty-four months’ suspended sentence)
• West Midlands man selling fake CDs via Facebook (£2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service).

Digital piracy laws are increasingly being used by the Police and various different music, movie, and software trade bodies. Copyright infringement penalties are getting harsher as more cases reach court.

The media are being used more than ever before to publicise the point that there are negative consequences of illegal downloading and negative consequences of illegal file sharing.

Illegal download defence solicitors

Do any of the following describe your current situation right now?

• You have already been questioned about online piracy, illegal downloads, illegal file sharing, copyright infringement, or selling fake CDs/DVDs,
• You suspect that you will be questioned shortly about it, or
• You have been arrested for one or more of these offences

If so, then contact the specialist digital piracy solicitors at Ashman Solicitors straight away.

One of the first parts of the investigation against you will likely to be the confiscation of all of your computing and electrical items to check that you are in possession of the files that you are accused of infringing the copyright of. They will then want to check how you came into ownership of the file – for example, did you purchase the CDs/DVDs/software and then burn separate copies, did you download them illegally, and so on.

As soon as you instruct us to represent you, our experienced digital piracy solicitors will first ask the Police and the bodies behind the prosecution to prove that, for example in the case of illegal file sharing, it was actually you who uses the file sharing platform and that your IP address matched.

Depending on the nature of the offence(s) you’re accused of, our lead digital piracy solicitor will use the most effective tactics in your defence, including assembling all of the necessary evidence, expert witnesses, forensics, and data.

The prosecution will make attempt to make many legal and technical arguments to prove your guilt. We will work with specialist barristers and experts in digital piracy to scrutinise and challenge the alleged evidence agains