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At Ashmans Solicitors our Housing law team can offer specialist advice to tenants regarding any issues they may be having with tenancy deposits. We can also pursue compensation for tenants if their landlord has failed to protect their deposit in an authorised scheme.

A deposit protection scheme ‘protects’ your deposit and ensures your deposit is returned to you if you are entitled to it.This can be funded by a “No Win No Fee” agreement.

  1. Your Landlord being ordered to protect the deposit immediately if the tenancy is still running; or

  1. Your Landlord being ordered to return the deposit without deductions if the tenancy has come to an end.)

In addition, the Landlord may also be liable to pay a penalty as mentioned before. The penalty is no less than one times the value of the deposit, and no more than three times the value of the deposit in addition to your legal costs.


What Ashmans Solicitors can do for you:

If your landlord has failed to protect your deposit the Courts will order your landlord to protect the deposit and award you up to three times the amount of the depositas compensation under s213-214 of The Housing Act 2004. So for example, if your deposit was £500 your will claim for £2000 (your deposit plus three times the deposit as compensation).

If you are a Tenant or a Landlord and you have entered into a Tenancy Agreement after 06 April 2007 or after, we may be able to off you a “No Win No Fee” service. Please contact our offices to see what assistance we can offer you.

Our housing dispute lawyers have experience in dealing with a wide range of issues, including and going beyond:

In the event that you have entered into an assured tenancy agreement on or after 06 April 2016, we may be able to offer you our services under a “No Win No Fee “ Agreement, don’t delay call us today on 03330096275


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