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Uber Drivers Claim for Unpaid Wages

Ashmans Solicitors act on behalf of Uber drivers. We agree that they should all be treated as employees, rather than self-employed contractors. This means that current and former Uber drivers should be entitled to the National Minimum Wage and Holiday Pay.

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Currently, Uber drivers are classed as self-employed, which means that they do not receive the National Minimum Wage or any holiday benefits.

We are living through challenging economic times and Uber drivers deserve to have a regular income –even the Courts say that Uber drivers should receive the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay.

The final Court decision is pending. Uber has already lost its Court case a total of three times! If the Court finally rules that Uber drivers are legally entitled to the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay, then all current and former Uber drivers could receive thousands of pounds in compensation(in the form of a back payment).

Just how much compensation you could receive will depend on how long you have been working with Uber -and how many hours you work for daily, on average.

You could make a Claim against Uber if you have been driving for Uber in England or Wales after 1st January 2015. (Driving for Uber does not include UberEats).

What could this mean for Uber drivers?

  1. A current or former Uber driver could receive up to £12,000 in compensation.
  2. You will still be able to work for Uber whilst you are claiming
  3. We won’t make a charge for your Claim until you win: we work on a no-win, no-fee basis. (We will deduct a sum from your damages if we are successful (or if you intentionally mislead us about your claim).
  4. It’s easy to start your Uber Drivers Claim with Ashmans Solicitors –just click here and begin the process.

You can still drive for Uber when making a claim

It is vital to know that making a Claim against Uber will not alter your relationship with them, you can still continue to be an Uber driver. We need to ensure that you are paid the money that you are owed for the work that you have done in the past -and continue to do now.

It is illegal for Uber to treat you in an adverse way just because you bring a claim against them, and if they ever treat your unfairly due to your claim –then they would need to pay you additional compensation.

Why this claim is being brought

Uber has denied its driver’s worker status based on its business model-they say that Uber is an app –and the app’s function is to connect drivers to passengers. Ashmans Solicitors believe that this statement is untrue and that Uber drivers are being unfairly treated.

How to start the sign-up process

If you drove for Uber (not UberEats) in England or Wales at any point after 1st January 2015, sign up here to start your claim for money you might be owed.

Remember, making a Claim against Uber with Ashmans Solicitors means that you will not pay us anything upfront. We would act on your behalf on a strict no-win, no-fee basis. We agree to pay all fees if we are unsuccessful (except where you have told us something untrue or otherwise misled us about your claim). If, as we hope, we do win your Claim, then a portion of your awarded damages will be deducted to cover our relevant expenses and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions we get about the Uber Claims case and making a Claim against Uber.

Why should I bring a claim against uber?

Uber has never paid its drivers the National Minimum wage or holiday pay. Currently, the Courts state that Uber should pay their drivers the money that they have rightfully earned. The final decision by the Court comes later in 2020. If Uber lose their case (and they have lost three times, so far), they will have to make a back payment of up to £12,000 per driver. This will be termed as ‘Compensation’ and it will also include back pay for holiday entitlement.

How much money you receive will depend on the amount of time that you have driven for Uber and how many hours per day or week you worked, on average.
This claim only relates to current or former Uber drivers who have driven for Uber in the last six years. If you are driving for UberEats, then you cannot make a Claim.

Can i still drive for uber – and make a claim?

Yes – you don’t have to stop working for Uber just because you are making a claim against them. All that you are doing is ensuring that you are paid what you are owed. If the Court decides that you are owed money as an employee, Uber should not be able to treat you badly just because of your claim. Ashmans Solicitors always stands up for fair practice and we’ll make sure that you receive extra compensation if you are unfairly treated by Uber.

I don’t drive for uber every day – can i still claim?

Yes – the amount of back pay that you receive would be weighed up against the amount of hours/days that you have worked with Uber. You can however still make a claim. You would need to use our Sign-Up Page to start the process of making a claim against Uber.

I want to continue as an uber driver – can i?

Yes – nothing will change about your working practice; you can continue to drive for Uber whilst making a claim against them.

Can Ashmans Solicitors help me make a claim against uber?

Absolutely – the only criteria is that you need to have driven for Uber (not UberEats) at least since 1st January 2015. You will also need to use our Sign-Up Page to start the process of making a claim against Uber.

Do I have to pay Ashmans Solicitors upfront to make a claim?

No, we will not take an upfront payment from you – and you will only have to pay us if you win. The payment that you make would come out of the money that we recover from Uber on your behalf. We operate under a no-win, no-fee basis. If you do not win your case then you do not have to pay anything to us – but this changes if you have told us something that is not true, or have in any way misled us about your claim. An example of this would be if you tell us that you had been or are currently an Uber driver and we discover that you have never driven for Uber.

What should I pay you if I win my claim against uber?

We hope that you are successful with your claim. If you win your claim, then our fee is 35% (inc. VAT) of your Holiday Payment and 45% (inc. VAT) of your National Minimum Wage damages – plus certain expenses. We will aim to pay you at least 50% of the damages.

Is there a good case against uber?

There is a high probability that the claims will be successful, but we cannot guarantee that right now. Please note that Ashmans Solicitors would never pursue a claim for you if there was only a small chance of success.

Will I pay you any money if I lose my claim?

No – if the claims are not successful then you will not receive any money and you will not have to pay us anything either. Unless – you have told us anything that was not true or misled us in any other way about your claim.

I’m ready to make my claim – how do I start the process?

It’s very easy to sign up. Once you have submitted your form online, we will contact you about taking the next steps to make a Claim Against Uber.

I have no paperwork and never keep receipts – can I still make a claim?

We’ll work with Uber in finding your correct documentation – you can still make a claim against Uber.

Uber has been paying me a bonus and incentives – can I still make a claim?

Yes, and once you contact us, we can look into this for you. 
After you have signed up on our dedicated page, you will receive some questions about your time working with Uber. We will then work to assess the value of your claim and submit that information to the Court.

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