The Claimant a 47-year-old taxi driver was injured when his vehicle was involved in a three-car collision including a police vehicle which had been involved in a police chase. We submitted Claims Notification Forms against both Defendants who demonstrated an obstructive and protracted approach and failed to make settlement offers for the Claimant’s claim. As a result of this, we issued court proceedings promptly against both Defendants. The Defendant’s disputed liability and put the Claimant to strict proof for his injury and special damages claim which included credit hire charges in excess of £25,000.00. The Defendant alleged that proceedings had been issued prematurely and they had not been given enough time to investigate matters. We successfully argued against this and made a strong case on liability against the Defendants by obtaining a police report and detailed witness evidence. The Defendant also attempted to argue that the credit hire claim was unreasonable and the Claimant had failed to mitigate his losses they filed a comprehensive and detailed defence in relation to this. We successfully pleaded that the hire charges were reasonable and that our Claimant was impecunious. We were 100% successful on liability and we recovered in excess of £35,000.00 by way of settlement.