GS sustained injuries whilst being transported home in an ambulance and whilst exiting the ambulance, due to a defective step, was caused to fall out of the ambulance. The Client was a 50-year-old builder who had previously suffered an incident at work where he was suffered near-fatal electrocution. Upon both the Ambulance Trust and their relevant insurers initially refusing to deal with matters, we successfully used the provisions in the Occupiers Liability Act 1977, specifically the Defendant’s common duty of care under section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1987. As well as applying the Road Traffic Act, we were able to obtain the Ambulance Service’s and their insurers’ agreement to seal with matters.

The client sustained injuries to his arms and knees and also exacerbated his previous injury to his hands. With an extensive medical history and previously suffering from PTSD, the clients diagnosed split personality and anger management issues raised various ethical and procedural difficulties which were overcome with a considered and sympathetic approach. Various expert evidence was obtained including the opinion from a Trauma Surgeon (who has treated some of England’s leading sports personalities) as well as a Clinical Psychologist due to the pre-existing and ongoing Psychological issues. Matters were further compounded by the Defendants unreasonable stance after which Court proceedings were commenced. We successfully reached a settlement worth over £15,000 in favour of the client.