The Claimant a 35-year-old male was injured when a vehicle collided into his vehicle in a head-on impact. The Claimant sustained whiplash injuries and a fracture to his neck and wrist along with psychological injuries. The Defendant firmly disputed liability and as a result, we issued court proceedings against the driver and his insurers. The Claimants also wished to claim for loss of earnings, care and assistance and medical treatment. We liaised with the client regularly even when he was abroad for a longer duration and kept him updated regarding his case. We arranged Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions to assist with the Claimant’s rehabilitation and recovery. We also complied with detailed court directions to progress the claim proficiently including preparing costs budgets and case summary. We also instructed expert counsel to conduct the case and costs management conference on our behalf. In order to refute the allegations against the Claimant in relation to liability, we obtained the police report, detailed witness statement from an independent witness and detailed witness statement from the Claimant. We also drafted crucial Part 18 requests for further information from the Defendant which allowed us to question and clarify the discrepancies within his witness evidence. We negotiated an excellent settlement and we were successful in recovering in excess of £60,000.00 by way of settlement.