The Claimant in her 60s entered the Defendant’s premises and after crossing the adjacent highway at the pedestrian crossing, the Claimant stepped into the courtyard/pedestrianised area to make her way into the library building. As she did so, he slipped and fell due to poorly maintained, greasy and slippery paving stones underfoot. The claimant sustained soft tissue injury to her left shoulder, lacerations and bruising to her left elbow and arm. We successfully used the provisions in the Occupiers Liability Act 1977 specifically the Defendant’s common duty of care under section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act of 1987. The Claimants claim included loss of earnings, personal care and support and travel expenses. The Defendant claimed a standard statutory defence which led to the matter being litigated. Liability was fully disputed by the Defendant and it was even suggested that The Claimant had slipped on ‘wet paving’ and the claim should be struck out. The Defendant also refused to provide crucial witness details which lead us to make an application to the court for the same. We obtained detailed and decisive witness statements which ultimately assisted in the successful conclusion of the claim. The matter was listed for trial and we utilised services of senior and experienced Counsel to conduct the trial if necessary. After complex litigation and lengthy negotiation, the Claimant was successful against the Defendant and recovered in excess of £18,000.00 by way of settlement.