The Claimant 48-year-old chef from London was a rear seat passenger when the Defendant’s double-decker bus collided at high speed into the vehicle in which the Claimant was travelling. The Claimant sustained severe and life injuries which ultimately lead to his death. The Claimant’s injuries included injury to the cervical spinal cord with a bilateral fracture dislocation at the C4/4 level leading to serious cord damage. He also sustained a fracture of the cervical vertebrae at the C5 and C6 level and suffered an aortic rupture. He was rendered tetraplegic from the C4 level. He spent approximately a year in Hospital and the injuries sustained in the accident ultimately led to his death. A claim was issued at court on behalf of the Claimant’s estate and included a dependency claim for dependents who were not resident in the UK. We obtained significant evidence and witness statements in respect of the claim for special damages and also obtained detailed medical evidence including a box of complex and lengthy medical records outlining the Claimant’s condition and treatment following the accident. Due to the Claimant’s untimely death at the age of 40, this was a sensitive and delicate case which we dealt with empathy, compassion and understanding. We were successful in recovering in excess of £195,000.00 in a settlement.