The Claimant a 34-year-old Labourer was injured in a road traffic collision when the driver of his vehicle exited from a minor road directly into the path of a third party vehicle, causing a head-on impact. The Claimant sustained fracture injuries to his right wrist, forearm and he experienced psychological injuries. He developed arthritic changes and was recommended surgery by the medical expert. Our medical evidence included reports from a General Practitioner, a Consultant Orthopaedic consultant and a Clinical Psychologist. We also arranged Cognitive Behaviour Therapy counselling sessions for the Claimant to assist him in his rehabilitation and recovery. The Claimants damages included a claim for loss of earnings, care and assistance and medical treatment costs. We issued court proceedings against the Defendant and within the Defence the Claimant was put to strict proof in relation to his injury and each and every item of loss he suffered as a result of the accident. The Defendant did not agree any of the medical reports obtained by the Claimant and reserved their right to obtain their own medical evidence. As the Claimant was self-employed the Claimant’s loss of earnings claim was evidenced by tax returns, bank statements and payslips spanning over a few years before and after the accident. Due to our skilful handling and negotiation, the Claimant was successful against the Defendant and achieved a settlement in the region of £50,000.00.