The Claimant a 25-year-old chef was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver of his vehicle failed to give way at a junction and came into the path of an oncoming ambulance and a severe impact occurred between the Claimant’s vehicle and the ambulance. The Claimant sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck, back, head and face. He also developed psychological injuries and developed post-traumatic tinnitus as a result of the accident. We obtained medical evidence from a General Practitioner, an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, and a Clinical Psychologist. We also arranged Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to assist the Claimant with his rehabilitation and recovery. Although the Defendant admitted liability they did not make any reasonable offers of settlement and we promptly issued court proceedings to progress the Claimant’s claim. The Defendant’s raised a number of allegations including putting the claimant to strict proof that he was an ‘entitled party’ within the meaning of the European Communities (Rights Against Insurers) Regulations 2002 as they argued this was a prerequisite to the Claimant’s right to issue proceedings. We successfully argued that the Claimant was an entitled party and provided evidence of the same.

The matter was allocated to the multi-track and we proficiently prepared a Case summary, chronology, summary of issue in dispute, composite summary of costs and costs budgets to prepare for the Case and Costs Management Hearing. After lengthy discussions and exchange of detailed witness statement prepared on behalf of the Claimant we were successful against the Defendant and recovered in excess of £55,000.00 by way of settlement.