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You’ve got a brand we’d like to work with.

We are a law firm that specialises in personal injury. Our extensive research shows that you only want to work with partners who demonstrate the highest standards we have retained and you’ll be happy to hear we have a full-time compliance officer.

We also have a robust case management system, high service standards and proven experience in delivering £6M plus claims…

Ashmans Solicitors can help you retain a profitable business whilst remaining compliant with LASPO.

Why choose us?

  • Compliance Guaranteed
  • Agreed Payment Terms
  • Faster Settlement
  • Personalised Dashboard in real time
  • £50m in claims settlement

High Standards and
100% Compliance – Guaranteed

We work with partners who demonstrate the highest standards, which is why we have a retained Compliance Officer.

We also have robust case management systems, high service standards and proven experience in delivering £50m + in claims.We have also invested thousands of pounds in management systems which are unique in our industry, including a case dashboard that shows partners in real-time what’s happening.

With our bespoke management system, clients can receive real-time updates on all cases.

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Seamless Onboarding of Clients

We’re fast and flexible…

Unlike the insurance company backed law firms, and this really helps with client onboarding. Our systems and automation means that we leave no stone unturned in generating the best outcomes for clients. Multilingual solicitors, access to interpreters, enhanced credit hire agreements for all types of vehicles, even debt collection for outstanding invoices – these are an integral part of our service.

​First, Fair and Fast – Up to 33% Fast Track Settlement

We use our experience of helping accident claims clients to ensure
we settle claims on average 33% faster than other solicitors.

We Accept a Host of Case Types Including

  • We accept a host of case types from Road Traffic Accidents, Employers Liability, Occupiers Liability and Public Liability.
  • Personal injury claims a speciality, including work accidents, trips, slips and Criminal Injury Compensation Authority CICA claims.

Expert Injury Lawyers

Please note that all of our claims are managed and handled by expert personal injury lawyers who are members of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society.

We offer complete coverage of England and Wales, and can easily visit clients, providing multilingual assistance in several languages.

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Let Us Prove We are as Good as We Say

You may already have a panel of existing solicitors dealing with your cases, however, in the future, you may wish another firm to join in a partnership with you. A quick phone call is all it takes to discuss various compliant ways of working in accordance with the LASPO Act. If that’s a project you’d like to look at, please do get in touch.

When you agree to work with us as a partner, we’ll offer you our Source Package, which includes:

  • Compliant Model and Agreements.
  • Source Compliance Checklist.
  • Latest version of Source Client Information (under the Scheme) including complaints procedures.
  • Periodic update bulletin on developments.
  • Helpline to answer queries.
  • Advice and Assistance with regards to the Claims Management Regulations.

Cash flow terms that suit you

We know better than most that Marketing requires investment. That’s why, subject to the chosen compliant way of working, we are happy to agree Terms with you that suit your way of working.

Compensation claims are very close to our heart and we recognise the important role that your company has to play. Without you, many people would not make a claim – they wouldn’t have access to justice.

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Do We Have Something in Common?

If you want to work with a fast, flexible and talented law firm,
then we do have things in common. And we have great plans to expand. You have read this far – so please take the next easy step to call.

Unless we speak there could be great things we miss out on in the next 12 months.

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