Actual Bodily Harm

Although actual bodily harm, also known as ABH, is seen as a less serious crime than grievous bodily harm, in actual fact it is still a violent crime and you are alleged to have had to have caused real harm to another person.

The level of injury caused to the individual concerned will decide whether a charge of actual body harm is bought against you. Where the injuries inflicted are particularly serious, a charge of grievous bodily harm maybe bought instead. There is also the chance that the charges could be downgraded to common assault rather than actual bodily harm depending on whether the injuries could be classed as minor.

By instructing a specialist and experienced criminal defence lawyer in the early stages of your case could mean the difference between getting the right advice as soon as possible and the chance to reduce the charges.

If you are currently being questioned in a police station, you are entitled to free legal advice from a solicitor of your choice regardless of your financial circumstances. If you require our assistance, please call our 24 Hour Criminal Defence line on 07956 352945, we’ll be happy to help.

If you are convicted of actual bodily harm, there is a maximum prison sentence of five years, or you may face a fine or suspended sentence. Ensuring you have representation as early in this process as possible can make a real difference to the outcome of your case.

Why Choose Ashmans Solicitors?

Our experienced and committed criminal defence team are there for you to ensure that you can mount a good defence. A good defence in these circumstances can mean the difference between getting your case thrown out,or facing lesser charges particularly if you were acting in self-defence. 

Our expert team will ensure that they gather all the evidence, statements and information they need to build your defence. Our ability to pick up on the small details could make a big difference in your defence. We have solicitors, and experienced case handlers who can use their many years of experience to help you in your defence.

You may have concerns about how you can afford to instruct a legal team to run a defence for you. Legal aid is available after means testing, however many people do not qualify. There are other options though such as fixed fees, capped fees or our competitive hourly rate.


If you are facing a criminal charge, it is important that you get legal advice and representation as soon as possible. 

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