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Divorce, separation and marriage

Ending a relationship with a long-term partner or spouse can be an extremely difficult time in any situation. Work with our specialist family law services at Ashmans Solicitors to help make the process as calm and simple as possible for you.

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Divorce and Separation

If you’re wanting professional guidance and support on getting a divorce or a civil partnership dissolution or you’d like to know more about legal separation before taking the decision, find out what you need to know specific to your situation from our understanding and experienced family solicitors.

Consent Orders and Clean Break Orders

When a marriage ends, you may think this completely severs your relationship with your ex-spouse. But what you may not know is that breaking your financial ties is a completely different process.

If you don’t make sure this is dealt with during your divorce, it is possible that your ex husband or wife could make a claim on your financial assets in the future.

Non-molestation orders

If you have left an abusive relationship, you may still be concerned that your ex-partner will continue to try to harass you. A non-molestation order is a court injunction designed to protect victims of abuse by restricting the abuser’s actions. This could potentially mean that if they try to contact, threaten or harass you, they would be arrested.

Occupation orders

Your home should feel like a safe space but this is not the case for everyone. For those living with an abusive partner, an occupation order can be used to control who is allowed to live in, enter, or even come near your family home. They can also be used to return a property to you if you have been forced to leave because of physical and/or emotional abuse or threats.

Forced Marriage Protection Orders

A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion. But, if you’re being forced into a marriage against your will, you can protect yourself. Forced marriage protection orders can be put into place to prevent the person or people forcing you into an unwanted marriage from making any wedding arrangements or from taking you out of the country.

Children and grandchildren

Often, the people most affected in a divorce or separation are the children. Arranging the care, financial support and other aspects of raising a child when you are no longer with their other parent can be extremely difficult to coordinate. You may find yourself needing to consult a family law expert for advice.

Child Arrangements Orders

If you and the child’s other parent are unable to reach an agreement on how your child will be raised between yourselves, it may be necessary to get a child arrangements order from a family court. These court orders set different conditions about where the child will live and who they have contact with. The final decision is made by an unbiased judge or magistrates meaning the needs of the child will be put first and foremost.

Prohibited Steps Order

A prohibited steps order can be granted by a family court to protect a child where they worry one parent might do something to put the child at risk. The order works by preventing the parent from carrying out certain activities, such as taking the child out of the country.

Specific Issue Order

If you and the child’s other parent have decided on some aspects of how your child will be brought up but are struggling to agree on a particular point, a specific issue order allows an unbiased court to make the decision for you. This could be used to resolve a number of arguments, ensuring the final decision is made with the child’s best interests at heart.

Parental Responsibility Orders

Not all parents are automatically given parental responsibility when their child is born. When this happens, you’ll need to apply for a parental responsibility order from the courts to ensure you get a say in big decisions about your child’s upbringing, and to protect your rights and responsibilities as their parent.

Grandparents’ Rights

Family courts understand the huge role grandparents can play in a child’s life. If your grandchild’s parents are preventing you from seeing them for no good reason, you may be able to ask the courts for permission to apply for a contact order.

Change of name

Changing a child’s surname requires the consent of all of those who hold parental responsibility. If you cannot get their permission, you may need to take the case to court.


If you plan on taking your issue to a family court, you may need to find a trusted family law solicitor to represent you. They can also provide professional guidance and legal advice based on your individual circumstances.

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