Parental Responsibility

All mothers and most fathers have legal rights and responsibilities as a parent, these rights are known as ‘parental responsibility’. A mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth but a father usually only obtains parental responsibility if he is married to the child’s mother at the time of birth or if the childs born after the 1st December 2003 is named on the child’s birth certificate as the father.

If you are a father who does not have Parental Responsibility for your child, there are ways in which Ashmans solicitors can assist you in obtaining this through making an application to the court for a Parental Responsibility Order or through a Parental Responsibility agreement if you are both in agreement.

We find that fathers usually do not pursue Parental Responsibility for fear that it may cause a delicate and sensitive working agreement with the child’s mother to become strained if it is raised. Although this is understandable, it is important to note that without Parental Responsibility you as a father leave yourself open to being side-lined by the mother on important decision in your child’s life such as

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