Caught On Mobile Driving

If you are facing charges of using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving, these are serious offences, which if you rely on your driving licence for work reasons, may have huge repercussions for you. You may not know who to speak to or what to do for the best and we understand the stress and pressure you are now under. However, we can help you to be clear about the impact of these charges  and how we can help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

What Does The Law Say?

The legislation governing the use of handheld mobile phones has been in place since 2007 and it stipulates that driving whilst using a handheld mobile phone is a criminal offence. In addition it is also illegal to cause or permit another driver to use a mobile phone or to use a mobile phone whilst supervising a learner driver or rider.

You are, however, exempt from this legislation in certain circumstances. You are allowed to use your mobile phone if you need to call 999 in an emergency situation and it is unsafe or impractical to stop or if you are safely parked in a legitimate parking area.

In addition, you are also allowed to use digital devices such as 2-way radios and hands free devices, however if the police believe you are not in proper control of your vehicle you can still be stopped and penalised under this legislation.

What Are The Penalties?

There are strong penalties for using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving and there are two ways in which you can be prosecuted under this legislation. This will very much depend on the seriousness of your offence.

If your offence is not too serious, you will be given an automatic fixed penalty notice at the roadside. This comprises of 3 penalty points and £100 fine.

However, if your offence is deemed to be of a more serious nature you may be summoned to court. The penalties for driving whilst using a handheld mobile whilst driving are:

How Can Ashmans Solicitors Help You?

Our experienced team of motoring offence solicitors will be able to help you with advice on how you can reduce the possibility of a driving ban and the amount of fine you receive too.

With years of experience in motor offences, we can help whether you are an individual or a company. This offence could have a really big impact on you and your family and we can help achieve the best outcome possible in the circumstances.

Ashmans Solicitors can represent you wherever you are in England or Wales and we offer very competitive fees, as legal aid is not available for motoring offences. We will consider fixed fees in some circumstances too.


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