Head Injury

Having an accident is upsetting but if you or someone you love has suffered from a head injury as a result of the accident, then this will be devastating. Head injuries vary in severity and it can take some time before the extent of the injury is known.  If someone else was responsible for the accident in which you suffered your injuries, you may be able to claim compensation.

Deciding whether you want to make a claim can be difficult, however head injuries are often serious and can mean that you life changes significantly following your accident and could mean that you find yourself unable to work. In these circumstances, making a claim for compensation will help you to move forwards following your accident with some financial security.

What Is Head Injury?

Head injuries happen when you receive a blow to the head and as a result your brain is injured. Medical staff will assess anyone with a head injury using the Glasgow Coma Scale, more commonly know as a GCS. This scale helps them to identify how serious your head injury actually is, with 3 being the most serious and 15 being the least.

The biggest issue with a head injury is permanent damage to the brain and immediate medical treatment allows you the best chance of avoiding this, however the more severe your injury, the more likely you are to suffer from a permanent brain injury. There is the added complication of pressure on your brain following a head injury, which can be a build up of blood or fluid or blood clots which can also cause temporary or permanent brain damage.

Once you have recovered from the initial head injury, there may be other symptoms which you will need to come to terms with afterwards. You may have problems communicating, suffer from emotional or behavioral changes, hormonal imbalances and even physical difficulties too.

The impact of a head injury does not just affect the injured person, but the whole family and this is why it is crucial to understand your position legally and whether you can claim compensation to help cope with the aftermath of a serious head and brain injury.

How Can Ashmans Solicitors Help Me?

We do understand the impact this injury will have on you and your family and we also understand the need to work towards the best possible settlement so you can feel financially secure in future.  Using all of our experience, our specialist team of personal injury solicitors will progress your claim on as swiftly as we possible can.

 It is important that you feel happy and at ease with us representing you, so we offer a free initial consultation so you can ensure that we are the right firm for you. This also gives us the opportunity to understand your accident circumstances and find out more detail.

You may have concerns about funding a claim, but we can discuss all the options with you and tell you which one suits you best.

If you have suffered from a head injury and you want to find out more, without any obligation to make a claim, contact us today.

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