The Randox scandal has led to at least 40 drug driving offences being quashed and 50 prosecutions being dropped. The investigation into the alleged data manipulation is continuing, so more motorists may still be affected. If you want to talk to a solicitor about a drink driving or drug driving conviction, please contact us at Ashmans Solicitors.

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What is the Randox scandal?

When the police detain someone under suspicion of drink or drug driving, a blood sample is taken and sent for analysis. The results can then be used in court to determine the exact amount of alcohol or drugs in the accused’s bloodstream. Prior to 2016, most of the UK’s police forces outsourced toxicology testing to a company called Randox. To ensure the results were correct, Randox had to calibrate their machines properly. If the calibration checks were out, the entire day’s tests could not be used and had to be re-done.

However, it came to light that some employees were changing the data to show that the calibration checks were normal. Actually when in fact, they were not. This means that all the tests carried out on those machines, on those particular days, may not be accurate. Nevertheless, this information only surfaced after a number of motorists had already been convicted. These convictions were based on unsound evidence which should never have been used.

Criminal investigation

Police first became aware of the issue when Randox uncovered the actions of their staff. An investigation was opened in January 2017 and is ongoing. Two Randox employees have been arrested and face charges of perverting the course of justice. Over 10,000 samples have been investigated. Already, 90 convictions have been overturned or dropped. Some of those who had their convictions quashed are seeking civil claims for compensation.

This is to recover the damages they sustained as a result of their criminal conviction. Some lost their jobs, faced financial difficulties or struggled to travel to see their families. One man who was affected by the scandal described it as “devastating”. The review of 10,500 Randox cases is expected to last until the end of this year, or possibly even longer. This means even more motorists could still have their convictions overturned. It could even mean that the charges against them are dropped.

Have you been affected by the Randox scandal?

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has sent a letter to those affected by the Randox scandal. However, if you have moved address, then the CPS may not have been able to contact you. While the exact dates are not known. It is thought that samples tested by Randox between late 2014 and 2016 are being reviewed. If you want to check whether or not this applies to you, please contact our motor offence solicitors for advice. If you have been wrongfully convicted of a motoring offence we can probably get the charges overturned. Where applicable, we can also pursue a civil claim on your behalf. Also obtaining damages for the harm you have been caused. Drunk in charge vs Drink driving, whats the difference.

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Why is it called the Randox scandal

The Randox scandal is named as such because the company involved in testing the samples is Randox. Randox are not just involved in testing blood samples for police forces, they are an International company that is committed to improving health worldwide.

How will I know if I was affected by the Randox scandal

The crown prosecution sent out a letter to all those affected by the Randox scandal. However if you have moved address then the CPS may not have affected yo. If you are unsure contact Ashmans Solicitors and we will advise a course of action

When did the Randox scandal take place

It is estimated that the Randox scandal was around 2014 up to 2016 and samples from this time are being reviewed.

What if I was wrongly convicted in the Randox scandal

If you were wrongly convicted during the Randox scandal we can probably get the conviction overturned. We may also be able to pursue a civil claim on you behalf. Then obtaining damages for the harm caused since this period of conviction