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Ashmans Solicitors successfully secures acquittal in a high profile fraud and money laundering case. Ashmans specialist fraud and money laundering department headed by the principal solicitor Mr Imran Ali represented a former worker of a charity, which had been set up in 2000 by another Defendant who had pleaded guilty. The Charity had received hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding from Lancashire County Council for charity work. The prosecution alleged impropriety in the way the charity was run, involving dishonestly obtaining funds from charity funding providers, which they put to their own use. Ashmans solicitors fraud and money laundering department prepared the case meticulously. This involved trawling through several years of documentation and instructing an expert Forensic Accountant and a specialist fraud Barrister. We worked tirelessly to ensure that no stone was left unturned and managed to secure a favourable outcome, which was one of Not Guilty.

John Doe

Ashmans Solicitors have instructed me in a number of high profile and complex cases. They have shown a tireless and passionate commitment to the interests of their clients. Whilst being mindful of the larger picture, they work hard, paying particular attention to detail in an effort to find innovative solutions for complex legal and practical problems. Their friendly approach towards the clients is marked by a high level of professionalism. The firm as a whole is a pleasure to work with.

Ahmed Nadim Barrister

I am a barrister with 20 years of experience dealing with complex and high-value criminal fraud cases. I have extensive experience in working with many of the most specialised and sophisticated criminal litigation solicitors nationally. I have worked with Ashmans Solicitors on several hugely complex cases including the alleged of over £100 million internationally by a Money Services Bureau, the sophisticated laundering of seven-figure sums by UK businessmen internationally, and the most complex high-value fraud work. I have come to know the standards of Ashmans Solicitors very well. In complex and difficult scenarios requiring details analytical assessment and tactical astuteness, the firm has real strength in depth. Results achieved by the firm in cases I have dealt with have been truly remarkable and excellent. They could not have been achieved without real desire, commitment and dedication and the pursuit of excellence for the client. It is a pleasure to recommend Ashmans to prospective clients.

Abdul S. Iqbal

My sister was charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Ashmans came highly recommended and from day one were completely and utterly professional from start to finish. Also, her appointed barrister was exceptionally brilliant and both solicitor and barrister worked together tirelessly. The outcome was a not guilty verdict for which we are extremely grateful. We would highly recommend Ashmans Solicitors for any of your problems.


I was charged with 5 other people in a fraud case, Mr Ali was my Lawyer from Ashmans. He did a great job and my case was thrown out of court because of what he was able to do after 2 and half weeks in the trial. Ashmans Solicitors are a fantastic and hard-working firm. If anybody needs advice in fraud cases they must always go to Ashmans.

Al-Amin Shourov

Ashmans Solicitors were excellent when dealing with my case and I could not be happier with the outcome. I truly feel that I have experienced the utmost professional service throughout the entire time. Faz, in particular, was outstanding, in which I am very grateful to her. Thank You Ashman’s Solicitors.

Stephen Miller

I was charged with a serious VAT Fraud case. I changed my solicitors to Ashmans Solicitors, and I am so glad I did. They listened to me and were always there to provide me with superb service, utterly professional at all times. Along with their expert barrister, they found a flaw in the prosecution case and because of this forced the prosecution to drop the case against me. I was fully exonerated with excellent representation. I highly recommend them as a great company and very professional. I can’t thank enough Mr A. Ali for excellent work, supportive and very professional at all times.

K. Desai

I was unjustly charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and sent for trial to Manchester Crown Court. What was even more painful was that they charged my wife and my brother to put pressure on me. I chose Ashmans to represent me on recommendation and their firm’s profile. They did not let me down and argued my case with tooth and nail until justice prevailed and the case was completely thrown out of court on legal arguments prepared by them. I am truly indebted to Ashmans since I am also a professional and hence such a conviction would have been detrimental to my career and destroyed my life. Ashmans were thoroughly professional and decisive with their preparation for my case and I am so delighted that they were my lawyers. Thank you!

Michael Gabriel

They have helped me greatly and they know the job. My ex-business partners planned a blackmailing drama and reported false sexual offences and assault case to the police. Police charged me with 3 different offences and put me on bail for about 2 years. My bad luck was that my previous solicitors who I got advice from were just a greedy man without any knowledge or experience of such criminal cases; whereas he assured me that he is a very senior level criminal solicitor. From my police interview to follow up, he practically didn’t help and rather because of his negligence case proceeded to the crown court. As a result, I started to look for alternative Solicitors and one of my friends recommended me to Ashmans Solicitors, I am so relieved that I changed to Ashmans Solicitors. The team was so professional that they looked into each and every detail of the case and got into the depth with technical references. Because of expert defence statement prepared by Ashmans Solicitors’ expert team the case was finally dropped. I realise now that if in the first instance I had got proper expert legal help, such as the one I got from Ashmans it can save lots of time and resources and mental tension. In criminal cases, please never rely on ordinary inexperienced solicitors. Ashmans Solicitors have helped me greatly and I am still in shock I cannot believe it’s happening to the way they worked hard to make a difference in my situation, thanks a lot to all the team at Ashmans Solicitors for doing a great job.

I. Khan

Couldn’t have asked for a better legal representative… Afaya Syed believed in my case, she was easy to talk too and professional. I was fully aware of everything going on and this made it easier for me. Afaya really took the stress off me and made it as comfortable a process as possible. She was incredibly responsive to getting back to me, I was kept updated regularly and was very involved in every step of the process. I am very grateful to Afaya from Ashmans Solicitors for her work in my case and very satisfied with the outcome.

Minhaj Ali

I was facing false allegation made by my wife. Then I met Mr Imran and discussed things. He guided me appropriately and after he took all details from me he advised me very realistically. He always listened to me carefully and even made me realise what is mature and appropriate things to do. I was not hoping I will be out of that mess without any conviction as I had the previous history where I plead guilty. So it was very unlikely for me to expect that judge would believe me that I am not guilty. But I plead not guilty and then with Mr Imran’s help I was not convicted. I was very happy and satisfied with the services and care provided throughout the case. I highly recommend them.

Danish Ali

Following an incident, I was recommended Ashmans Solicitors which I must say “have been tremendous in their work”. The staff there have kept me updated all the through right up to the completion of the case. They have given me honest and professional advice during this time. It has all been conveniently undertaken with emails and telephone calls which was easy for me. I’d like to thank Imran as this who I have been working with and would highly recommend Ashmans Solicitors to everyone I know.

Sana Rashid

On-point and Very professional. Would definitely recommend Ashmans Solicitors to anyone I know.

Ifnaz Khan

I had a proceeds of crime act case against me where they wanted more than £200,000. My solicitor Fazalia from Ashmans did so much work and got the amount down to basically nothing. I can’t thank her enough.

Tony Gardner

Excellence without a doubt. Reliable and always available to answer any concerns. Highly recommended for Peace of Mind.

Stella Joseph

My experience related to the work done by Ashmans Solicitors and I refer to the hard work of Mrs Afaya Syed about my case, which was not a simple case, also about the hard work of the barrister of Ashmans Solicitors that was in at Highbury Corner Magistrate’s Court to represent me on the 29th of May 2018, since the first hearing I noticed that Mrs Afaya Syed was representing me in the best possible way with dedication for the case with professionalism, courtesy, I was receiving every time the correct information about the ongoing case, she was reliable and very helpful and she made lots of enquiries to the CPS about the correct disclosure of the information related to the case, I never felt alone about the case, I always knew that there was an excellent solicitor firm representing me with of course the team lead by Mrs Afaya Syed, and for me that I suffered in the last few years of the lost of his parents in dramatic circumstance it was emotionally even more difficult to stand trial, Ashmans Solicitors they won my case on the 29th of May 2018 at Highbury Magistrate Court, the case has been dismissed after the legal argument of my barrister from Ashmans Solicitors, the CPS after the legal argument did not present any further charge against me the Magistrate did let me free. They have been truly fantastic at Ashmans Solicitors, in particular, Mrs Afaya Syed and my legal representative in court, I recommend them.

Carmelo Mazzeo

During one of the most devastating experiences of my life, in fact, the absolute worst, Ashmans Solicitors have supported me incredibly and without their support, I genuinely do not know where I would be. I was arrested on suspicion of murder and despite knowing my innocence, due to the severity of the case, legal advice was heavily suggested. This was when I came into contact with Fazaila Kauser (Faz) from Ashmans Solicitors. Without going into too much detail of the murder case, I can only describe how supportive Faz was and in fact, still is. Having never been arrested for such a serious crime and having never thought that things like murders actually happen apart from what you read about and watch on television, it was a nightmare I’d never thought I’d face. Faz was supportive and honest throughout the entire situation. Every interview, every phone call, every single bit of contact I had with her was amazing and clear. I was lost in my own mind and soul however she grounded me, reminding me of the serious situation but still taking into account the emotional trauma I was facing too. Not only was she there for me with the legal advice but also emotionally which I will be forever grateful for. I spent 3 nights in custody and the support was constant and the advice was precise and professional. I was released under investigation but the support from Faz did not end there. The contact was keeping me going through my darkest of days and even when I needed to talk about how low I was feeling, Faz was understanding and also grounding, ensuring that I knew what the next steps could be regarding the murder case. I was invited for a voluntary interview and although Faz could not be there in person, she arranged for her colleague, Peter Furness, to be there instead. The advice and support were consistent also. It proved that Ashmans have professional, experienced and intelligent solicitors that work for them. Recently I have been cleared of all charges however the support has not stopped from Faz and I know that I have still got her support and advice when I need it, especially in the upcoming months when the murder trial will take place. The tragedy of the case has torn my heart into two pieces and the whole experience will haunt me forever, however, the legal advice provided by Faz and also Peter, both from Ashmans Solicitors, is getting me through this ordeal. I am eternally grateful. Highly recommended.

Jade W.S.

Excellent advice and support. Highly recommended.

Chris Rhodes

I am a self-employed taxi driver and this is my only means of income. In the autumn of 2013, I was charged with an allegation of dangerous driving contrary to Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act of 1988. The case was listed for trial in December of 2013, the busiest period of the year. If convicted I would have definitely lost my livelihood as I would have been banned from driving and lost my taxi license. I could also have lost my liberty. Ashmans Solicitors managed to find flaws in the prosecution case and spent painstaking hours in researching case law to successfully argue that my actions did not constitute dangerous driving. Following a successful legal argument by Ashman’s advocate, I was found not guilty. I managed to protect my license and my livelihood. Had it not been for Ashmans involvement and dedication the outcome may well have been different. I would have no hesitation in recommending their professional services. They are a conscientious, thoroughly hard-working and friendly firm to deal with.

M. Shah

I was referred to Ashmans Solicitors through my girlfriend who was also a client of Ashmans Solicitors. I suffered an accident at work in June 2009 whilst working in the production department of a factory. Whilst working on one of the machines that were faulty a small metal object flew off and struck my forehead. I suffered a deep cut to my forehead area. Initially, I was reluctant to pursue this case but after speaking to Ashmans I was put at ease. They pursued my case and I was awarded in excess of £10,000. They were extremely professional and courteous to me at all times and I would not hesitate to recommend them for their excellent client care and service.

Mr J.G.K.

Mrs K. was my solicitor on the 09/11/2017, she filled me with confidence and did amazing! Brilliant service throughout, thank you, Mrs K.!

Wayne Dukinfield