Conspiracy to supply drugs is when two or more people agree together to sell or supply a controlled substance. It does not matter whether the sale or supply actually takes place. If the intention is there, charges can be laid.

Drug conspiracy charge

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What does conspiracy to supply drugs mean?

Conspiracy to supply drugs is when two or more people agree to supply a controlled substance. In this context, the word ‘conspiracy’ means ‘agree’. The plan does not actually have to be fulfilled; rather, there must simply be an intention to supply.

Also, the word ‘supply’ can have many meanings. It may indicate that a sale has taken place, in which some kind of profit has been gained. Or, it may refer to the passing of a controlled substance from one person to another, without the exchange of money. So, if someone intends to give their friend some cannabis, this could be considered as a conspiracy to supply.

What do the conspiracy to supply Class A and Class B drugs mean?

Illegal drugs are categorised according to Class A, Class B and Class C drugs. There is a sliding scale, with Class A drugs deemed to be the most dangerous, followed by Class B drugs, followed by Class C drugs.

Examples of Class A drugs include:

  • Crack cocaine
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Magic mushrooms
  • Crystal meth
  • Methadone

Examples of Class B drugs include:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cannabis
  • Codeine
  • Ketamine
  • Barbiturates
  • Ritalin

If two or more people agree to supply any of these substances, they could face charges of conspiracy to supply Class A or Class B drugs – depending on the substance in question. Actions that might amount to a conspiracy to supply include:

  • Arranging for the sale or supply of drugs
  • Travelling to collect a delivery/shipment of drugs
  • Aiding the sale or supply of drugs, such as being a go-between or renting out premises used for the supply of drugs

Someone does not have to be found in possession of a controlled substance in order to be charged with the conspiracy to supply. It is sufficient for the intention to be there.

Conspiracy to supply class a drugs sentencing guidelines

The maximum penalty for the conspiracy to supply Class A drugs is life imprisonment.

It should be noted that conspiracy to supply drugs is not the same as possession of drugs, which is a lesser charge. The possession of Class A drugs offence carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.

The sentence handed out by the judge will depend on various factors, including your role in the conspiracy and the number of drugs in question. Someone who is the ring-leader of a largescale drugs operation will receive a more severe sentence than someone who supplies a small amount of a Class A drug to a friend for personal use.

What are the penalties for conspiracy to supply Class B drugs?

The penalties for the conspiracy to supply Class B drugs are not as severe as those for the supply of Class A drugs. Nevertheless, a judge can hand out a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment.

The penalty for possession of Class B drugs is up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

Again, the sentence that is given will depend entirely on the circumstances. Judges only hand out the maximum sentence in the most serious of cases.

Will there be any other consequences?

While the investigation is pending, you may also be subject to a Restraint Order. This freezes your assets, aside from what is needed for basic living costs. If you are convicted – meaning you are found guilty – you may also be subject to a Confiscation Order. This is when you must repay any profit deemed to have been gained via illegitimate means.

When will I be found guilty of conspiracy to supply drugs?

To be found guilty of the conspiracy to supply drugs, the prosecution must prove two things. Firstly, that you were aware that drugs were being supplied. Secondly, that you acted on that knowledge.

Remember, you do not have to be caught in possession of drugs. Nor does the plan actually have to be carried out. But if there was an arrangement in place to supply drugs, this will be sufficient for the prosecution to secure a conviction. So, if text messages and other correspondence indicate your intention to supply, this could be used as evidence against you.

What other evidence can be used?

If the police obtain a warrant to search your home or workplace, any evidence seized can be used against you. Illegal drugs may be found. Or, electronic devices such as your phone and laptop can be taken. The police can then present any communication you have participated in as evidence, such as phone calls, emails and text messages.

Defending drugs charges

It is common for people to be accidentally caught up in an alleged conspiracy to supply drugs. One example is a landlord who lets their premises out. If the police discover the premises is being used for the supply of drugs, the landlord may be accused of being privy to the conspiracy. The defendant’s task is to show that he/she had no knowledge of the agreement.

Alternatively, it may be that your involvement was minimal, or that you were in possession of a controlled substance – but you did not intend to supply it. If either of these things can be established, you may be able to secure a lesser charge of possession, or a more lenient sentence.

Do I need a criminal defence solicitor?

If you have been accused of the conspiracy to supply Class A or Class B drugs, it is essential that you instruct a criminal defence solicitor. You are entitled to free legal representation at the police station. You should also retain a solicitor to act on your behalf, should the case against you proceed to court. A criminal defence solicitor knows how to secure a not guilty verdict, or if this is not possible, how to secure a lesser charge.

Conspiracy To Supply

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