Over 70 x-ray body scanners have been installed in closed male prison over the last two years. As a result, increasing numbers of people have been caught attempting to smuggle drugs, alcohol, phones and other contraband into prisons.

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Over 19,000 attempts thwarted

The x-ray body scanners are similar to those used at airport security. They use high frequency radio waves to make an image of the body. This reveals any objects that are hidden underneath clothes. So far, the scanners have prevented over 19,000 attempts to smuggle contraband onto prison wings. This includes one incident in which 81 individually wrapped white rocks of crack cocaine were discovered.

Other measures

In addition to the new body scanners, 42 prisons have been equipped with drug-trace machines. These detect drugs – including drugs such as ‘spice’ – on mail and items of clothing. This stops drugs from getting into prisoners. The same prisons have also been fitted with new metal detection archways and wands, extra drug dogs and biometric identification for the public. This means prison officers can effectively search visitors coming into jails and seize items such as phones and weapons.

Enhanced measures for the future

The government wishes to further enhance security measures in the future. A white paper proposes that all new prisons be equipped with x-ray body scanners and biometric visitor identification. There are also plans to support prisoners dealing with addictions, with new facilities to help them through the rehabilitation process. This will run alongside the Prisoner Education Service, which will help every prisoner leaving custody to gain the basic education they need to find work on release.

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These new security measures mean more and more people are being caught attempting to smuggle contraband into prisons. If you have been caught, we recommend that you ask our criminal defence lawyers to help you. The penalties for attempting to smuggle drugs and other illicit items into prison can be severe. We can use our legal expertise and experience to minimise the consequences.


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