A person convicted of causing death by dangerous driving has successfully appealed their sentence. The sentencing judge adopted a starting point of 14 years’ imprisonment. This was reduced to 12 and a half years by the Court of Appeal.

Have you been accused of causing death by dangerous driving?

Being accused of causing death by dangerous driving is extremely serious, especially as the maximum sentence is now life imprisonment. It is absolutely essential you have a specialist motoring defence lawyer on your side. Contact us now at Ashmans Solicitors to find out how we can help you.

The facts of the case

Hughes pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. During sentencing, the judge stated that it was a “very, very serious case of causing death and serious injury”, describing the defendant’s actions as “serious criminality”. The judge used the starting point of 14 years’ imprisonment, which at that point was the maximum sentence available. A discount was then given for the guilty plea. Hughes appealed the sentence.

The Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal agreed that there had been an error, saying that the sentencing judge “should not have taken the maximum for this offence”. This is because the defendant had not been “under the influence of alcohol or drugs” and had not caused “multiple deaths”. The maximum sentence should be reserved for cases in which both of these determinants are a factor. The Court of Appeal therefore reduced the starting point to 12 and a half years.

The law after 28 June 2022

When Hughes was sentenced, the maximum penalty for causing death by dangerous driving was 14 years’ imprisonment. This increased to life imprisonment as of 28 June 2022. The new penalty applies to the offences of causing death by dangerous driving, and causing death by dangerous driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those convicted of these offences can expect to see a significant increase in sentences.

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