Cybercrime defence solicitors

Ashmans Solictors work with defendants facing questioning or charges in all areas of cybercrime, including computer hacking, malware offences, digital piracy, and under the wide-ranging Computer Misuse Act.

Ashmans Solicitors has a team of specialist in-house solicitors, all of whom have years of experience in successfully defending people accused of cybercrime offences – different types of crimes committed wholly or partly using computers.

Most common cybercrime prosecutions

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Computer Misuse Act offences

Have you been questioned on or arrested under the Computer Misuse Act? The Act has been used to bring prosecutions for accessing someone else’s computer (even when the attempt has failed), for unauthorised use of databases containing personal information, the spreading of computer viruses, and much more.

Computer hacking and malware

Have you been questioned on or arrested on suspicion of computer hacking or malware offences? Computer hacking means when you gain access to a computer or computer network you don’t have permission to be on. Normally, computer hacking charges will be combined with other charges including fraud, forgery, theft, or criminal damage.

Digital piracy

Have you been questioned on or arrested on suspicion of digital piracy offences? These can include downloading, duplicating, distributing or selling copyrighted materials that belong to others, including software, films, and music.

Importance of appointing defence solicitors straight away

The types of crimes listed above are serious and there are many examples of people being charged with these crimes which have led to a jail sentence.

However, these cases take a long time to be seen in court because:

• they are very complicated and
• it is difficult for the Police and any other organisation involved in a potential prosecution to prove their allegations against you.

How quickly you react to being questioned, believing that you will be questioned soon, or actually being charged under suspicion will be factors that govern:

• how long the process lasts, and
• the likelihood of your case reaching court

The more time you give Ashmans Solicitors to work on your defence, the better we will be able to represent you through each stage of the process.

Building your defence case

As part of your defence, we will draft in barristers and other expert witnesses (including technical, medical, and psychology specialists where needed) to make sure that every aspect of the prosecutor’s evidence against you is thoroughly tested and examined both legally and technically.

With Ashman Solicitors’ experienced team of cybercrime solicitors acting on your behalf, even if your case reaches court, you will benefit from a robust, fact-based defence which challenges the assumptions and evidence of the prosecution at every step.


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