March 20, 2017

R - V - MD & Others Old Bailey

Ashmans Solicitors successfully defend their client charged with murder to a successful and favorable conclusion.

The defendant along with a number of others was alleged to have murdered the deceased arising as a result of a revenge attack.

Meticolous scrutiny of the evidence along with identifying flaws in the prosecution case allowed Ashmans legal team to negotiate a favorable outcome for the defendant. The charge was substituted to one of Manslaughter and the defendant pleaded guilty to the same albeit upon a basis. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. 

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January 16, 2017

R -v- CV Leeds Crown Court

Ashmans Solicitors successfully defend Company owner to a favourable conclusion


The Defendant was charged with fraud by false representation in relation to his role with two companies plus a further charge of theft relating to an alleged loss to David Brown Ltd said to be over £113,000.

The Defendant was employed as a Logistics Manager for the said company. In his role the Defendant was obliged to report any other business interests but the Crown alleged that he failed to declare any. The Crown further went on to say that he was the sole Director of a company which received £137,000 from David Brown Ltd for supposed transport costs since 2006. This was alleged to be dishonest and incorrect.

The investigations revealed that the Defendant was in effect pretending to his employers that his company had transported goods when in reality other transport companies had carried out the works.

Following a painstaking exercise in which we requested the Defendant to bring all of his company records, an exercise took place in which we were able to nullify the Crown’s case. Lengthy jury defence bundles were created. As a result of the defence bundles being applied in cross examination of the lead Prosecution witness, a half time submission was carried out by defence Counsel. The Judge ruled in the Defendant’s favour and count two was removed from the indictment.


We were then able to successfully agree a limited basis plea for the fraud count and the Defendant pleaded guilty receiving a suspended sentence.

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January 08, 2017

R -v- NW & Others Basildon Crown Court

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to defraud and convert criminal property. Ashmans represented both the husband and wife who were charged with the above two named offences. An international company based in the UK was defrauded in excess of £350,000. The Crown alleged that their accounting department was hacked. The complainant company had instructed and had works carried out from various companies. They were indebted to various suppliers of works. After having their accounting department hacked, payments for supply of works were diverted to other persons’ accounts, two of which were our clients. The monies, the Crown alleged, were then dissipated using sophisticated means to disguise the proceeds of the crime involving other import and export companies. There was an international element to this case involving companies within France, Poland and Cyprus. The case also involved complex issues arising from telephone evidence.

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December 13, 2016

R -v- TC & Others Operation Aquamarine Southwark Crown Court

Ashmans Solicitors successfully secure acquittal in a high profile fraud case

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to defraud Barclays Private Client International Bank by obtaining mortgage loans to which the Crown allege they were not entitled to. This was a historical high value mortgage fraud dating back to January 2006. The approximate value of the fraud which the Crown alleged was approximately £40 million dealing with a number of high value properties.

The Defendant was one of 12 individuals charged with the said offence. The Prosecution case was that the mortgages applied for were obtained by providing false information to the Bank which the Defendants knew to be false. This was a highly organised conspiracy in which each Defendant is alleged to have played their part. It involved purchases using an off-shore company registered in the Isle of Man or the British Virgin Islands as the purchasing entity. The Defendants involved in the case were predominantly professionals who were either introducer/agents in the property business, property dealers, chartered surveyors, mortgage brokers, bank manager and two solicitors. Following a three month trial our client was acquitted unanimously by the Jury. The case was voluminous in its nature involving in excess of 20,000 pages of served material. This case involved issues with handwriting evidence, professional property and professional ethics experts.

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November 13, 2016

R V JL and 8 others Liverpool Crown Court

Ashmans represented one of the joint owners (husband and wife) of an industrial unit used as a cocaine producing factory processing consignments of cocaine imported from South America via Panama and into the UK, for onward wholesale distribution in the Manchester area.  There were said to be nine named conspirators.

 The case against the owners collapsed following legal argument from the Defense in relation to a Prosecution application to try and adduce evidence of previous drug trafficking activity of which the husband had been convicted.


Once the Bad Character evidence had been ruled inadmissible the Prosecution were   forced to concede that they had no case against either of the owners and both were acquitted at Liverpool Crown Court.

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October 08, 2016

R -v- SA Snaresbrook Crown Court

Ashmans Solicitors successfully negotiate local Councillor’s fraud case to a favourable conclusion

This was a highly publicised case involving the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The Defendant was charged with fraud by false representation. The prosecuting authorities, that being the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, alleged that the Defendant, a sitting local counsellor in the ward, had deliberately used his political influence to get onto the social housing ladder. This was despite him owning a number of properties already. In due course he received a property and its tenancy therein. He occupied the property for a number of years until the matter came to the attention of the Legal Department of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The Prosecution thereafter commenced. This case was politically charged from the outset. The Prosecution instructed a QC plus a junior Counsel to vigorously prosecute the case. It received a great deal of coverage within the media primarily because of the Defendant’s political career. The Prosecution alleged losses of over £100,000 from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


Through our endeavours we were able to demonstrate successfully that this was not the case. Furthermore we will able to bring down the culpability of the offence resulting in the Defendant receiving a minimal custodial sentence.

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April 08, 2016

R -v- AA & Others Huntingdon Crown Court

The Defendant, along with 4 others, was charged with entering into an arrangement to launder the proceeds of crime totalling in excess of £1 million. This was a large scale money laundering operation and very sophisticated in its nature. The Defendant was alleged to have masterminded the operation. A number of international companies were defrauded by having their accounting practices high jacked and proceeds of their sales were diverted into other companies or persons’ names. These monies were then dissipated involving layering of bank accounts and then withdrawals in large denominations of cash. The case was highly complex and voluminous in its nature. It was prosecuted by the Economic Crime Unit.

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January 10, 2016


Ashmans Solicitors successfully defend  a Kurdish National Charged with DEFRAUDING HMRC of the DUTY PAYABLE ON MILLIONS OF CIGARETTES.


The defendant was one of many people that were charged with the offence. He was found NOT GUILTY after a lengthy trial.
The evidence included complex telephone and surveillance material which purported to show the defendant’s association and involvement in the conspiracy.

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October 16, 2015

"Operation Caring Today" Preston Crown Court

Ashman’s Solicitors successfully secures acquittal in a high profile fraud and money laundering case.

Ashman’s specialist fraud and money laundering department headed by the principal solicitor Mr. Imran Ali represented a former worker of a Charity, which had been set up in 2000 by another Defendant who had pleaded guilty. The Charity had received hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding from Lancashire County Council for charity work.

The prosecution alleged impropriety in the way the charity was run, involving dishonestly obtaining funds from charity funding providers, which they put to their own use.

Ashman’s solicitor’s fraud and money laundering department prepared the case meticulously. This involved trawling through several years of documentation and instructing an expert Forensic Accountant and a specialist fraud Barrister. We worked tirelessly to ensure that no stone was left unturned and managed to secure a favorable outcome, which was one of Not Guilty.

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