The case received nationwide publicity and it was only as a result of detailed forensic analysis of DNA, CCTV and Telephone Evidence that Ashman’s were able to present evidence in her defence that persuaded a jury that she was innocent.

Ashmans represented this lady, who was one of 5 defendants charged with assisting an offender and later acquitted by the jury as part of a murder investigation in Leeds. B was alleged to have assisted her son, the alleged murderer, by procuring a car and assisting in the disposal of her daughter-in-law’s body. The 8-week trial involved a significant and lengthy challenge to the police’s conduct during the investigation, and in particular, claims that B had made confessions. This case, like many in which Ashmans are instructed, received significant local and national media coverage:

Mother and brother Leeds man who murdered wife found not guilty assisting offender

Had it not been for these disclosure requests the outcome may well have been different.