Ashmans were instructed in this cybercrime case following an extensive police investigation into the hacking of a company by some of its former employees. Some of the defendants in the case were said to have caused over £900,000 worth of damage through deleting crucial data.

Our client was accused of theft and computer hacking with intent. The Prosecution alleged he had stolen a domain name belonging to the company by hacking into 123.reg and using WhoIs Privacy to hide the domain name from the company.

This was a complicated and technical case, which required expert knowledge of the subject area and thorough analysis of the evidence. If the Prosecution case had been proved, our client faced the likely loss of his job and a potential prison sentence.

Following our service of a legal argument on the Prosecution, contending that a crucial element of the Prosecution case had not been proved, we convinced the Prosecution to allow our client to plead guilty to a single far less serious offence instead. As a result, the Court ultimately sentenced him to a fine. Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome.