Ashmans secure Not Guilty verdict on Murder Charge.

Our client was one of three men charged with a conspiracy to murder allegation. The victim died following a stabbing incident. Following an extensive investigation, our client, along with two co-defendants were charged with the murder offence.

This was a particularly complex case as identification and presence at the scene were not in dispute. It was also apparent that the fatal blow (which caused the death) could only have been inflicted by one of the three defendants. Nevertheless, our client vehemently denied being guilty of murder. We fought tirelessly to explore all potential avenues to support our client’s defence. The extensive enquires and work included, but was not limited to, spending multiple hours attending upon our client to obtain his detailed instructions, trawling through many hours of various CCTV footage, exploring any historical disputes and differences between our client and the deceased etc. We utilised all the preparatory work to advance a robust defence against the murder charge.

At the conclusion of the trial, the jury unanimously acquitted our client of the murder charge.