Ashmans secure a unanimous not guilty verdict for a client charged with Conspiracy to Murder.

Our client was one of 7 defendants charged with a conspiracy to murder allegation. This trial lasted approximately two months. Our client vehemently denied the allegations from the outset. The case involved thorough examination and analysis of thousands of pages of prosecution of evidence. Hours of preparation was undertaken to ensure that all potential defence enquires were undertaken and our client’s case was advanced in the most effective and robust manner. The case involved extensive analysis of telephone and cell-site evidence in addition to social media platforms, where alleged interactions may have occurred between the alleged co-conspirators and/or alleged incriminating messages may have been posted. Following careful scrutiny of the relevant material, we were able to advance our client’s defence in the most vigorous manner.

At the conclusion of this complex and high-pressure trial, our client was unanimously acquitted by the jury. He was extremely pleased with our efforts in proving his innocence, thereby allowing him to avoid a mandatory life sentence and to be immediately released from custody to return to his family and resume a normal life.