Ashmans Serious Fraud Dept following an eight-week trial secure a not guilty verdict for the lead defendant in a multi-million-pound duty fraud and money laundering case.

The investigation lasting some 4 years pre-charge in which Ashmans’ team were involved in representation from the police station stage revolved around in total of 12 persons who were alleged to be involved in this conspiracy.

Following the lengthy HMRC investigation, 9 people were subsequently charged.

It was alleged that GH was the UK head of this EUROPEAN WIDE duty fraud. The case centred around the issue of whether the money was criminal property.

A vigorous challenge based around many legal arguments as well as numerous disclosure applications resulted in evidence being obtained which was placed before the Jury which assisted in exonerating not just our client but all other 8 defendants too.

Had it not been for these disclosure requests the outcome may well have been different.