The defendant along with many others was charged with conspiracy to defraud insurance companies. This is a fraud often termed as “Cash for Crash”. The defendant that was represented by Ashmans Solicitors was alleged to be involved with others including two accident management companies in defrauding insurance companies totalling a value of hundred’s of thousands of pounds. Police launched a huge investigation into fraudulent insurance claims in 2008 dating back many years, many incidents were investigated and claims were found to be fraudulent. The claims included accidents that had never happened, exaggerated injury claims and incidents where vehicles were taken to remote locations and crashed. The claims management companies then farmed these cases to” No win No fee solicitors”, obtaining substantial referral fees and substantial sums of money for fictitious hire claims. Ashmans Solicitors by adopting our Pro-active defence approach were able to get the charge reduced from a conspiracy to defraud to a simple fraud. As a result the defendant avoided a period of immediate imprisonment.

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