I was Instructed by Ashmans Solicitors to represent the defendant who, together with others was accused of a large scale fraud, money laundering and associated offences. The Prosecution allegation being that the defendant and another using the umbrella of a company borrowed from a bank 2.4 million pounds after having transferred titles of residential properties to the company without the knowledge of the title holders. As a result of painstaking and voluminous research carried out by Ashmans Solicitors I was armed with information that gave me negotiating advantage that the Prosecution were unable to resist.

They were forced to capitulate on all the core allegations and had to settle for an admission by the defendant and his co-Accused, that they had each forged the title to one property having misled the solicitors to execute the transfer of title to the company. The Prosecution were left unable to argue that defendant and his co-Accused had an intention to ‘steal’ the property to which the title related. The contribution made by Ashmans was instrumental to the outcome of the negotiations.

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