Defendant in this case was alleged to be involved with others in a so-called “Cash for Crash” Fraud. In particular, it was alleged that he and others had conspired to deliberately crash their vehicle in order to make false insurance injury claims. Repeated requests for disclosure resulted in the Crown serving a large quantity of material on the morning of the trial. In an extraordinary turnaround that material demonstrated that it was in fact the Complainants who had been involved in no less than 5 road traffic accidents between June 2011 and October 2012 and had made a series of dubious personal injury claims.

The Crown immediately offered no evidence and Mr T was acquitted of all charges. The discovery, which only arose as a result of a pro-active and focused approach being taken in respect to disclosure, resulted in the Judge ordering that the complainant’s conduct be referred to the DPP for consideration as to whether they ought to be charged with perverting the course of justice. We strongly believe that had it not been for our diligent approach the outcome may have been different.