The Claimant, a self-employed taxi driver in Bradford, pursued a claim for damages arising out of a road traffic accident, consisting of vehicle damages and credit hire charges. The Defendant adopted a stance that they would not settle the Claimants claim after which Court proceedings were instigated against the offending driver and their relevant Road Traffic Act insurers.

The Defendant put the Claimant to proof on all losses alleged and raised the following concerns. The Claimant had a history of an association with 28 previous claims made against insurance companies, 17 of which involved claims for personal injuries alleged to have been occasioned to the Claimant. Asa result of his extensive claims history, the Claimant also had two previous findings of fundamental dishonesty against him, one of which had led to a County Court Judgment being registered against the Claimant!

With the added threat of being exposed to potentially being liable to pay the Defendants costs, due to the Claimant not presenting a claim for personal injury, the Defendants costs were in excess of £20,000. The Claimant presented a claim consisting of credit hire charges which were in the region of £20,000 as well as for the damage to his motor vehicle. After a long and extensive litigation, we successfully managed to recover over £15,000.00 in settlement in favour of the Claimant.