Don’t be stuck being questioned by the police with charges and threats of criminal action and not have someone who you can turn to. At Ashmans Solicitors we’ll help you out with our professional criminal solicitors in London who can cope with any charges being brought to you or your business.

As one of the best defence law teams in England and Wales, we’re chosen across the country to provide outstanding defence solicitors that can find the ideal solutions. We empathise that it will be a difficult time when you’re facing up to criminal charges, but with Ashmans Solicitors you can start to see the end of what you’re going through.

We have worked with criminal cases involving anything from: robbery, attempted murder, blackmail, fraud, money laundering, murder, rape, serious assault and firearms offences. Whatever the scenario and where ever the guilt lies, you can put your faith in our team to create a case that stands up in court.

To reach this end, we use a combination of our criminal solicitors in London with specific barristers that understand the ins and outs of the charges you’re up against and experienced caseworkers who can help the process run smoothly.

Choose Ashmans Solicitors when you’re facing criminal charges, are at the police station or are worried about the prospect. To find out more about us by getting in contact with us.