Every year thousands of people across the South of England are charged and put on trial for fraud. Often requiring the services of the best fraud solicitors London, a centre of excellence for UK legal practitioners. No wonder as there are more fraud cases in and around London than anywhere else in the country.

Both private and public institutions such as the Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC and the Serious Fraud Office regularly bring forward charges of fraud against both companies and individuals with serious consequences for those convicted, making an excellent fraud defence case a must for so many.

With most cases often considered to be both complex and extremely serious, it means that many defendants consider knowing where to find the best fraud solicitors London to be crucial to their defence and to achieving the best possible outcome. With a dedicated and highly experienced team with a superb track record, Ashmans Solicitors’ team of expert fraud lawyers is on hand to listen to the unique details of your potential case and guide you towards a better outcome.

Civil Fraud

Is usually pursued by the victim (or victims) by way of a private action in the civil courts. Usually, the final decision is made by a judge and the aim for the victim is usually to seek recovery of any sums/assets or alleged perpetrator has gained through the fraud.

Just the accusation can have far reaching consequences for an individual and their associates, family members, companies and friends. Measures such as freezing the assets of those accused of fraudulent activity are not unheard of. Thus having a superb fraud defence solicitor on hand of vital importance to most defendants.

What is a fraud solicitor?

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A fraud solicitor is a lawyer or firm of lawyers who specialise in cases of fraudulent actions. Usually, this means either prosecuting or defending people or companies who have been charged or who may be charged with acts of fraud.

Specialists in their niche area of law, fraud solicitors pride themselves on achieving optimal outcomes for their clients by mitigating the potential damage of a conviction, or proving their client’s innocence wherever possible.

Often, fraud lawyers become involved shortly after an individual is arrested on fraudulent charges. This in order to begin working with their client early to establish facts, evidence and to give advice during what is often a crucial time should the charges lead to a court case.

It is a complex subject, but can be broadly defined as obtaining property, money and pecuniary advantage by deception (Fraud Act 2006). In more basic terms, it is cheating and lying to get something from somebody else, whether that be an individual, a company or even the government.
Being accused can be extremely damaging to an individual’s reputation and/or business, even when people later turn out to be innocent or when people are unwittingly caught up in fraudulent acts.

With so many different types and variations the Ashmans Solicitors team of fraud solicitors in London have to keep themselves well-versed and practiced in a variety of both rare and common fraudulent cases.

Do you need a fraud solicitor in London?

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If you have reason to believe that you may be facing accusations of fraud (or you have already been accused or even charged) then inviting a specialist fraud lawyer into the process early can often have a huge positive effect on the eventual outcome.

Having a team of specialist solicitors in fraud backing your corner from the beginning means you will often receive expert advice on how to answer questions about the alleged fraudulent activities. Also they are there help you build a strong case from the very start.

Whether you are close by to our own team of London fraud solicitors or further afield, lawyers and representatives from Ashmans Solicitors can be contacted 24/7 through our consultation telephone line, meaning that whatever the day or the time, you can access expert legal advice and representation for any potential or ongoing fraudulent allegations.

Types of Fraud Case in the UK

Whatever the type you may be dealing with, whether that be money laundering or any other type of complex crime related to it, a fraud solicitor London can help you. Our team of experts can provide you with a professional defence solicitor to help put your arguments across and find the best possible solution for your unique situation as we have done time and time again for our clients.

For a fuller list of fraud defence services, take a look below:

  • Advance Fee Fraud – This is where the accused has allegedly obtained a small fee from the supposed victim under the guise of using it to release a bigger amount of money that perhaps was always unobtainable or never actually existed.
  • Banking Fraud –  Can be where an individual or a company poses as a legitimate bank to obtain money illegally, or where an individual or company lies or cheats to obtain money from a bank.
  • Benefit Fraud – Where an in individual lies or cheats in order to obtain benefits that they would normally not be entitled to (such as claiming for a knowingly non-existent disability).
  • Charity Fraud – Where an individual or company impersonates a charity in order to make gains from donations or tax breaks.
  • Counterfeiting – Such as producing fake (false) instruments in order to deceive and other such offences.
  • Credit Card Fraud – Can include lying about finances in order to obtain credit, posing as somebody else in order to use credit and other such offences.
  • False Accounting – Also known as “cooking the books”; where accounting records are doctored in order to hide sums of money, the sources of money and more reasons which may result in a net gain for the individual or company.
  • Forgery – Such as creating false bank notes, etc.
  • Fraud by False Representation – Where the defendant may have made a false representation such as producing figures that may reasonably be expected to mislead somebody.
  • Fraudulent Investment Schemes – Engaging in schemes designed to deceive people into giving money as an investment. Famous examples include ‘Ponzi Schemes’ and cases where funds generated for investments were not used to purchase assets but ended up elsewhere.
  • Identity Fraud – Creating and using a false identity or using someone elses identity as an imposter in order to make gains.
  • Insider Dealing – Usually where somebody buys or sells shares based on inside information not available to the general public or other shareholders which produces an unfair advantage
  • Insurance Fraud – Making false claims on insurance policies. How to dispute a false insurance claim.
  • Money Laundering – Where money gained usually through illegitimate and/or illegal means is placed through the accounting process of an otherwise legitimate business so as to disguise the source of the income. This results in the business appearing to be more profitable that it actually was while. Accused, speak with our money laundering solicitors.
  • Mortgage Fraud – Usual this involves deceiving mortgage providers or financial advisers in order to obtain a mortgage or be granted better rates.
  • MTIC-VAT Fraud – Complex fraud cases that aim to deny the government of VAT.
  • Online Fraud – Fraud that takes place online through or relating to the World Wide Web.
  • Passport Fraud – Creating or using false documents to obtain a passport, or using a false passport.
  • Pension Fraud – Refers to various types of fraud involving payments to or from pension funds.
  • Tax Evasion – Intentionally and dishonestly not paying the relevant and appropriate tax due to the government, often by claiming the use of non-existent loopholes.

Don’t take accusations of fraud levelled against you lying down. Call our team now to receive instant advice on your problems. Ring us on 0333 009 6275 or email our team through our website, or take a look at some of the more regular types of superb fraud defence cases worked by our team:

Insurance fraud solicitor London

Accusations of insurance fraud can be serious and complicated, leading many people who have been accused feeling scared, confused and thoroughly alone.

By getting a better understanding of how solicitors for insurance fraud  across London operate, you can gain defence advice that may be able to help you mitigate the potential consequences of an accusation and in many cases obtain a more favourable outcome.

Insurance fraud itself is a complex and serious crime that can lead to fines and prison sentences for the affect parties. In short, it relates to any activities committed in order to defraud an insurance process, whether this is intended to benefit an individual or a corporate entity. Insurance fraud can be committed by the entity that is insured in order to receive a payout from an insurer, or could be committed on the part of an insurer to avoid paying out.

In many cases, individuals are accused on insurance fraud through no fault of their own, being caught up in fraudulent processes or having fallen into a trap laid out for them, which may undermine any case made against them with the help of experienced and professional insurance fraud solicitors.

At Ashmans Solicitors, we’re passionate about providing you with the help that you need as professional insurance fraud solicitors London. With a broad reach, we work across England and Wales to provide the most appropriate advice and guidance for your particular situation. Whatever the case you may have become embroiled in, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best possible result for you.

Find The Best Insurance Fraud Solicitors London

Finding the best Insurance Fraud Solicitors in London may be easier than you think.

As professionals acting on our clients’ behalf, we work hard to turn any case in their favour with the help of our experienced criminal defence solicitors. Our extensive experience means that we understand the stress and worry an accusation of insurance fraud can bring, having dealt with a huge range of cases including accusations involving personal injury, claiming an item that was stolen, staging car accidents, arson and more.

Every accusation of insurance fraud is unique, but no matter what the scenario and the potential consequences, the team at Ashmans Solicitors can help you prepare professional fraud defence, ensuring that we back your corner and aim for the best possible result.

If you have concerns relating to a potential or confirmed insurance fraud case, see what our experienced insurance fraud solicitors London can do for you and speak to our team today.

Mortgage Fraud Solicitors

Buying a house is usually the biggest single purchase most of us every make in our entire lives, however sometimes there is a gap between our means and our dreams when it comes to taking out a mortgage.

Sometimes, misguided people may try to bridge that gap by becoming involved in mortgage fraud: essential tricking mortgage providers or brokers into believing an individual’s financial situation is different to how it really is in order to attain a larger mortgage or better rates.

Often, individuals that become embroiled with mortgage fraud (either through fault of their own or not) are later overcome with worries about affordability and having the fraud discovered. In some cases, these concerns can become real and accusations of mortgage fraud can be levelled, requiring the expert defence of a team of Mortgage fraud solicitors.
If you have concerns about the way in which your mortgage was set up and feel that you could benefit from the advice of an experienced mortgage fraud solicitor in London, then contact Ashmans Solicitors today for a free, no-obligation consultation. It could help set your mind at rest, or give you the information you need to begin defending an accusation of mortgage fraud, potentially increasing your chance of a more favourable outcome.

Part of our job is to ensure that you can have confidence in your defence throughout this often stressful occasion. Our extensive experience means that we worked with families, companies and more in disputes over mortgage fraud with many successful outcomes that our clients have been happy with.

If you’d like to discuss your options with our team at Ashmans Solicitors and how you can make the most of this poor situation, get in contact with us today for a free, impartial and no-obligation consultation.

Why Choose Our Mortgage Fraud Solicitors In London

Our track record, our confidence in our team of specialists and our dedication to achieving the best possible outcome means we know that you are doing the right thing by choosing our mortgage fraud solicitors at Ashmans.

Part of our job is to ensure that you can have confidence in your defence throughout this often stressful occasion. Our extensive experience means that we worked with families, companies and more in disputes over mortgage fraud with many successful outcomes.

We aim to help you through this experience and leave you feeling both satisfied and relieved at the end of the process. Take a look at this notable case we defended at Southwark Crown Court.

If you’d like to discuss your options with our team at Ashmans Solicitors and how you can make the most of this poor situation, get in contact with us today for a free, impartial and no-obligation consultation. Find out what the punishment for mortgage fraud could be.

Fraud defence solicitors London

If you’re in need of fraud defence solicitors in London to advise and potentially act on your behalf to mitigate the effects of an impending or ongoing accusation of fraud, contact Ashmans Solicitors today to receive the quality of care your case may need, backed by our years of experience, expertise and success.

Three Reasons To Choose Our Fraud Solicitors London

While lawyers who deal with fraud are not uncommon, here are three important reasons to choose our fraud solicitors in London:

Our Criminal Fraud Solicitors Are Always Available

At Ashmans Solicitors, we’re on the phone when you need us.
We understand that facing fraud accusations can be an incredibly stressful time, often causing sleepless nights with your mind and thoughts racing. We want to be there for our clients during this stressful time, operating a 24/7 advice and consultation line so that you can speak to a professional no-matter what the time. Not only do we feel this can help put our client’s at ease in the middle of the night when things often feel at their worst, but allows us to receive your thoughts, insights and ideas as and when they come to you, which could prove useful and important as cases progress.

Reputable Fraud Solicitors In London and Beyond

We’re passionate about creating watertight fraud defence cases and striving for optimal outcomes for our clients, building quite the reputation in the process. Despite our success, our reputation within the fraud defence sector is not something we’re complacent about – we continue to ensure our solicitors remain fully qualified and at the top of their game to ensure we deliver the best chance of success for our clients. We’re happy to showcase our successes to help you feel more at ease, giving you the confidence to make the smart decision and hire Ashmans Solicitors for your defence.

Successful Fraud Defence Clients All Over England & Wales

Although we’ve built our reputation as one of the best fraud defence solicitors in London, Ashmans Solicitors are nationwide all over England and Wales, offering the expertise and successful experience of our London teams to clients all over the country. What is insurance fraud punishment UK?

We don’t let anything hold us back from delivering the knowledge and passion you need to successfully defend against fraud allegations, including geography, so get in contact today.

Solicitors Legal FAQs

Do I need to hire specialist fraud solicitors?

In short, no, however many people choose to put their defence in the hands of professionals who specialise in the type of accusations levelled at them. If you are accused, arrested for and/or subsequently charged for being embroiled in fraud then you may wish to make use of a public defender funded by a legal aid organisation. While many public defenders are outstanding individuals, most people who are accused of complex fraud cases prefer to have an established, experienced and specialised team of experts to help them assemble the best possible defence.
Ashmans Solictors maintains a dedicated team of fraud solicitors London who can be accessed through our 24/7 free consultation line should you need to have your concerns addressed with professionals who are legally obliged to keep the details of your discussion confidential.

How much do fraud solicitors cost?

How much it costs to hire expert fraud solicitors such as the team at Ashmans Solicitors in London very much depends on the unique aspects of your case, how complex it may be, how long it may take and whether any expert witnesses or independent may be needed to built the strongest case possible.
Fortunately, Ashmans Solicitors offers a Free, no-obligation consultation through our 24/7 contact line so you can get an idea of how your case may proceed, the potential costs involved and receive expert legal advice on what you can do next.

Do You Need A Fraud Solicitor In London?

If you or the company you operate has been accused of threatened with fraud charges or something relating to fraud, getting advice early in the process can be beneficial and increase the chances of a favourable outcome further down the line.
Experienced fraud solicitors across London often prefer to work alongside their client at the earliest opportunity to establish the facts as well as advise them on how to respond to the prospect or reality of charges.
As already discussed, accusations of fraud are often serious and complex with far-reaching consequences for your liberty, finances and reputation, requiring experts like Ashmans Solicitors to construct a robust and effective fraud defence.
Our lines are open 24/7 if you feel the need to consult with a fraud solicitor in London at any stage of fraud accusation, whether you believe charges may later be levelled at you, or if you have already been charged and wish to build a defence.
Qualified, seasoned and experienced, our fraud defence solicitors are available to not only explore the unique factors of any fraud case you may have become embroiled in, but can be used to help develop the strongest defence possible.

Do you have examples of successful fraud defence cases?

Absolutely. Take a look at this notable fraud defence case example defended by the team of specialists at Ashmans Solicitors.

What is the difference between Civil and Criminal fraud?

Both are serious, however civil fraud is usually pursued by the victim (or victims) by way of a private action in the civil courts. Usually, the final decision is made by a judge and the aim for the victim is usually to seek recovery of any sums/assets or alleged perpetrator has gained through the fraud.
On the other hand, criminal fraud prosecutions are usually pursued by authorities such as the Crown Prosecution Service and HMRC, rather than private entities, and the trials may be played out in criminal courts such as the Crown Courts. Decisions are ultimately made by a jury, with judges passes sentences that can include fines or imprisonment depending on the severity of the case.

Why YOU can rely on our professional fraud solicitors in London

Ashmans Solicitors has been serving the community in London and beyond for over 10 years, including the defence of those accused of fraud.
Always available 24/7, our reputation has been hard-won and has become a point of pride as we helped more and more people produce an effective defence against fraud allegations and achieving optimal outcomes for many of those clients.

If you are being kept awake by potential or crystallised fraud allegations against your or a corporate entity you are involved with, bringing it to the attention of experts who can help back your corner could be the best thing to do.

Contact Ashmans Solicitors today to speak with the perfect fraud solicitors to help you defend your claim.