VAT fraud is a very serious issue. Our team of solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with these matters, and can navigate you through any accusations you may be facing.

The penalties for VAT fraud are not only very severe, but extensive. Our VAT fraud solicitors work to ensure that the impact and/or interruption to your business and/or working life is as marginal as possible.

With special experience in dealing with MITC-VAT fraud, our team are here to put their expertise to the best use for you. We work alongside other professionals to construct and present the strongest case possible for you, as we strive to resolve all matters with the HMRC as quickly as possible, so you can resume your day-to-day life.

Whether we’re representing individuals or businesses, our track record and reputation speak for themselves. No matter how complex your case, our team of VAT fraud solicitors are always on hand to offer you the help and assistance you need.