Offences Against The Person

This is the definition of a group of crimes against other people and these are usually viewed as serious offences.

If you are being questioned about or facing charges of any offence against the person, it is vital that you receive proper representation as early as possible.

Most of these offences are serious, with trial by jury and if convicted, lengthy prison sentences may be imposed. It is crucial that you have competent and experienced legal representatives who are able to offer you expert advice. 

These are some of the offences against a person:

If you are in a police station being questioned for any of these offences, it is important that you have proper representation. You are also allowed to use a solicitor of your choice free of charge in these circumstances, regardless of your financial situation. If you need help, please call on 03330 096 275.

Why Choose Ashmans?

As one of the leading Criminal Defence law firms in the country, we are ready to put all our experience to use on your case. Using our defence team comprised of barristers, solicitors and case handlers we will investigate the case against you fully, gathering evidence and statements that can be used when we prepared your defence, according to your instructions.

There may be concerns for you about how you will fund the costs of our representation, however you should not underestimate the value of having an experienced team behind you. Legal aid is now means tested and we can process this if you qualify. If not though, there are other options available for you.  We offer competitive hourly rates and fixed fees or capped fees could be an option, depending on your case. Talk to us today to find out more about our services.


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On the 7th of November 2009 I was driving my vehicle along Bradford Road. It was a dark night and street lighting was limited. I ran over a hazardous traffic island which was not visible to me. It caused my vehicle to be substantially damaged along with a huge jolt to myself wherein I suffered with pain to my neck area. Despite the local council being aware of the hazardous island, no repairs were carried out. I contacted Ashmans Solicitors who pointed out the breaches of duty by the local council. To my amazement, the council denied all knowledge of the island and denied liability. Ashmans Solicitors pursued on my behalf the local council vigorously and issued court proceedings against them. I am happy to say that they successfully argued my case and I won my case. Ashmans Solicitors were completely professional in their approach from start to finish. They kept me informed of my case throughout and I was overjoyed with the outcome and service. I would not hesitate to recommend Ashmans Solicitors.

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